Originals is the ultimate “ALL in ONE” boutique Foley Instrument from Foley Collection.

Recorded, designed, edited and coded by Blacktone Studio Foley Team in Madrid, Originals is our Foley Stage sampled in one single instrument.

349,00 exc. VAT

Back in 2013, Foley Collection launched their first instruments. They were small individual instruments created because of the need of quick footsteps foley effects in several TV shows.

Now in 2021, after 6 years of hard development, we present Originals, our ALL in ONE complete instrument.

A totally NEW complex instrument in development with Blacktone Studio in Madrid. We have recorded all our Foley Stage Surfaces and coded them in to a single instrument, with 2 Footsteps DECKS and 2 Cloths DECKS.

This new Desing includes all our customer feedback during the years: EQ, Reverb, Crossfade Mixing, Velocity Curves… with a totally new easy to use interface.

  • + 20.000 Samples
    Foley Collection ORIGINALS includes more than 20.000 accurate hand made edited samples. Recorded in a professional state of art Foley Stage.
  • + 100 Combiantions
    Foley art is Sound Combination and Blending. Originals Includes more than 90 shoes and surfaces combinations and more than 30 Cloth & Addons. Unlimited Foley Possibilities.
  • Easy to use
    Since our first release, Foley Collection instruments are always designed with one goal in mind: Easy to use and realistic sound. Let our engine work and just move your character with 3 keys! We take care of speed, tone and dynamic!
  • 4 Decks
    Desing your own sound with 2 main decks for footsteps, and 2 more decks for clothing. Select your surface, select your shoes, and select your clothing. Then just walk away!
  • Sound Control
    Control of your sound is essential. Transients, Pitch, Level, EQ, Convolution, Compression... There are real stages without such a level of signal control!
  • Blending
    Foley needs several surfaces or pits to perform sound transitions. With Foley Collection Originals is now at your fingertips. Just play with your Mood Wheel.


Asphalt • Dirt • Concrete • Tile •
Floating Wood • Wood Tile  • Old Wood  • Gravel • Sand •
Grass • Moquette • Metal • Snow / Mud •
Rubber • Fall Leaves • Addons


Jeans • Cotton • Suit • Parka •
Track-Suite • Leather • Wool • Rain Coat
• Military Vest • Winter Jacket • Sequins • Belt Buckle
• Medieval 1 • Medieval 2


Puma Runners • Runners • Man Shoe • Woman High Heel • Woman Low Heel • Mountain Boot • Bare Feet • Flip Flop • Slippers • Panama Boot • Outdoor Boot • Dog Leg


Branches • Big Leaves • Small Leaves • Sand Debris •
Water 1 • Water 2 • Wood Squeak 1 • Wood Squeak 2 • Wood Squeak 3 • Bag 1 • Bag 2 •
Spurs • Collar • Keys

Not every combination is available. See the Reference Manual for a detailed overview table.




• Originals runs in Kontakt Full or Free Kontakt Player version 6.5.3 or higher
• macOS 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 or 11 (latest update), i5
• Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (latest Service Pack), Intel Core i5 or equivalent CPU
• At least 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended), and 4 GB of free drive space
• Unzip software
• Internet connection to download files and product activation required. Once activated it can be used offline.


Foley Collection ORIGINALS works as a plugin inside your DAW (ProTools,  Nuendo, Reaper and others) or inside the standalone app of Kontakt 6/Komplete Kontrol/Maschine.


If you do not own Kontakt please download the Kontakt Free Player here 


Originals must be registered and activated via Native Access with the provided serial number once purchased.

** Foley Collection ORIGINALS is a totally new product, and its not included in any of the previous Bundles from Foley Collection, only in the new FC999 VERSION 2.

If you are a user from any of the previous Bundles, including FC999, please contact us (infofoleycollection@gmail.com) in order to create an individual discount to apply in the purchase of ORIGINALS product.

Multiuser LICENSES: Our licenses works like a software license. You need a multi user license if you have more than one user accessing the sounds at the same time. If several people are using our instruments, then you need licenses for all these people or machines.

If you need to purchase multiuser license, please contact us for great discounts via infofoleycollection@gmail.com.

  • Download PDF Manual
  • Total Size: + 2Gb
  • Gear used for Foley Recordings: Pro Tools Ultimate 2020 · Avid MTRX Studio · Focusrite ISA430MKII Digital · Focusrite ISA ONE Digital · Sennheiser MKH416 · Schoeps MiniCMIT · Sound Device 688 
  • Please understand that download sales are final due to its digital nature. Foley Collection can not refund download sales.