After final purchases, we automatically send the links via mail (check the SPAM folder just in case!)


You will find the downloads in your account page.

Download Limits

We have limited Downloads in each transition, due to platform security.
Contact us and we will reset your permissions if need more downloads ;).

Digital Shipping

Foley Collection is a digital product, so no delivery is needed!

We serve the products via mail to direct download your files. You can also access your files in my Account menu.

Cashback Program

Due to digital nature of the products, refunds are not possible. (except in the event that download delivery to a customer's destination fails irrecoverably by the system)

Refunds on the grounds of subjective unsuitability of the product, or due to malfunction of 3rd party host software or the user's hardware will not be granted. Where a product is deemed unsuitable by the customer an exchange for a product of equivalent value will be offered (same product alternative download link)


native access installation

Foley Collection ORIGINALS runs in Kontakt Player FREE, version 6.5.2 or higher.

Please install Native Access and add the serial number in order to activate the product.

Please find more information here or watch the video if you run into any difficulties.

Serial Number for Originals

Foley Collection ORIGINALS instrument requires a serial number because it is Kontakt Player compatible.

This serial can be found on the invoice and in your account.

DEMO MODE in kontakt

Please activate Foley Collection Products in your NI Access.

Individual products or older products witch are not Kontakt FREE compatible needs a full version of NI Kontakt.

If DEMO MODE appears, It means that ORIGINALS is not activated in Native Access account in this machine.


If DEMO MODE appears in full Kontakt needed products, it means that Kontakt is running its Free player version, instead of the FULL version needed.

If you are a foley collection user, you will love the Originals instrument.
All sounds have been handcrafted performed and recorded by a Foley team @ Blacktone Studio in Madrid, Spain. Since they are all synced, you can mix as combinations as you like (either several instances of the instrument!). The result is real natural foley playback. Its the same original idea but powered by a totally new vision developed during these last years.
Since ORIGINALS is a complete new release, you can still use your old products in order to ask for a discount in the purchase of the new product.
You can get up to $100 discount on the ORIGINALS new purchase.