Recorded in 192/24 HD Audio

Kontakt 5.3+ Nedeed

Audio Library included

300 Mb Size

79,00 exc. VAT



FC205 Fight is the new release of Foley Collection! We have recorded in High quality 192KHz and 24 bit a great collection of Punches, hits, cloths, whooshes, grabs, and more! FIGHT is the perfect combination for your foley recording process. Use it now to create this amazing Punches, slaps or kicks that would take you so many hours to record. Some of this samples are collected from real foley recording sessions for films.  We took a lot of hours recording them for our films, now you can use the for yours too! As always, FOLEYCOLLECTION presents the best foley instrument we could create! Great traffic interface, combinations, and easy to use. Of course, this instrument is present in 192, 96 and 48 KHz sample rate, so you can choose the best performance for your machine. Check our main interface: Captura de pantalla 2015-06-10 a la(s) 19.05.56     From low punch to Slaps, cloth whoosh to grabs, air whip to gore flesh …. we have it all in our instrument. You can select your perfect mix for your hits! Captura de pantalla 2015-06-10 a la(s) 19.06.17 Captura de pantalla 2015-06-10 a la(s) 19.06.31   24 Sample layers, with 30 different variations (6×5 tracking) with tons of possibilities. Its time to fight!! Infinite combinations with this Fight mixing instrument!  (30 variations x 24 layers)


We have included the HIGH DEFINITION samples of this instrument, 192Khz 24bit files, ready to use in your audio or video project

Read our EULA PDF Document here.


FULL KONTAKT 6 License is needed to launch this instrument without “demo” Mode. (+ 6.5.3 version)