FC203 Olivetti Typewriter

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The successstory of Olivetti has been told so often that it need not be repeated here. The company entered the market as late as 1910-1911, but persevered to become one of the leading manufacturers of typewriters in history.

Camilo Olivetti produced his firs typewriter in 1910, that model was called the M1, was a conventional upright design, with four row keyboard, the second model was the M20 in 1920 was similar the M1 and retained the stepped keyboard, which was abandoned in the subquent model 40 of 1930 in favour of a strictly conventional design.

Manufactured his first portable model MP1 in 1932. The Olivetti Valentine it’s made in Olivetti Plant in Barcelona, Spain in 1969 designed by Ettore Sottsass of Italy.

Another masterwork of the Nizzoli-Beccio design team, Lexikon 80 epitomizes the Olivetti stylistic option of “creating a protective shell that echoes the configuration of the machine’s internal components.” It’s a marvel how a full-sized standard could have a structural form so sleek and graceful. Made in Ivrea, Italy.

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[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his time FOLEYCOLLECTION recreates the famous Olivetti Lexicon 80. Like all our “Extra Series” instruments, we have recorded this great typewriter. you don’t need to have it on your foley room.

From letters, carriage, levers, knobs…. we have it all in our instrument. You can select your Type-bar hit level, the carriage level, and a new enhanced mode in the whole instrument.

Programed to sound in a natural way, press and release midi key correspond to press and release in your typewriter!



We have recorded high quality samples of the typewriter. 96Khz 24bit Stereo samples, with metadata embebed for Soundminer and similar programs.

Here you can see a soundminer captured image,

 download our SAMPLE LIST IN PDF

 Read our README PDF Document to understand how does it works.

fc203 sminer

FULL KONTAKT 6 License is needed to launch this instrument without “demo” Mode. (+ 6.5.3 version)