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FC203 Olivetti Typewriter

November is here! We are finishing the year, and we want to get there full of great instruments!

All my family always tell me how internet and computers have changed their life. All of them learned how to type on machine with my grandfather typewriter, the Olivetti.

Classic Gadget nowadays, Olivetti Lexicon 80 is one of the most famous typewriter in the world. It dates about 1948. And It has changed and improved lot of companies all over the world.

Today, from Foley Collection, we are proud to announce the OLIVETTI instrument. A recreation of this classic machine:

Like all our Extra Series Instruments, it include our new Kontakt instrument and an Audio Library recorded at 96Khz and 24bit.

All our files in the library include embebed metadata, great for audio library programs like Soundminer.

Have a look to the new instrument, now aviable in our store.


We have also update our Flagship Bundle: FC999 TOTAL FOLEYCOLLECTION PACK

Now its include this great instrument and all the instruments of our store!!

We Keep on working to give you new awesome products next month!!

FoleyCollection Team

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