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Post Perspective – Outpost Studios INTERVIEW

Outpost Studios owner, Dave Nelson, explain how does he use Foley Collection instruments in his day-a-day workflow. A great interview of our instruments, in PostPerspective blog. Read it now and check how does he use our instruments! Link to the
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Sonicscoop Review

A few months ago, we were contacted by Zach McNees, a reporter from SonicScoop. He want to make a review of our TOTAL FOLEY COLLECTION PACK. A few weeks later, he published a personal review of the instruments, and today,
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Pro Tools Expert DEAL and VIDEO-Review

What a wonderful review of foley collection instruments that Pro Tools Expert Team have published!!!! a DEEP DEMO of the FOLEY COLLECTION INSTRUMENTS !!! And a sneak peek of the next foley collection instrument! Thanks Mike Thornton for your appreciated
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Foley Collection Open Letter

Dear Customers, Last year several sound designers from Spain created this Store and the first instruments for Foley Collection. This year has been really important for us: new products, new contacts, new customers and of course new friends. But each
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Very soon in Foley collection…

Soon in Foleycollection.com…. FC204 FOLEY TROT & GALLOP   9 Surfaces, addons, extras.. flexibility and of course… HORSES!  

Foley Collection new individual products

FC101 & FC102 INDIVIDUAL PRODUCTS March is here and we have released All the new instruments from our new PACKS FC101 COMPLETE PACK#2 and FC102 COMPLETE PACK#3. Check now our store in order to purchase all our new instruments! Now Its
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Welcome back to Foley Collection! We have been working really hard to release these two new packs! Its our bigger release, huge amount of instruments, new surfaces, new shoes… EVERYTHING NEW! We will release two new packs, and upgrade our
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Philippine Red Cross Donation

Hi to All, Last month a Super Typhoon arrived Philippine destroying almost the hole country. They all need our help NOW! From here, Foley Collection, We want to help these people with the half incoming money of this moth. We
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HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY WEEK TO ALL!! Here, in Foley Collection we have our special offer for this week: Now you can buy until Nov 30 our great FC999 Total Foley Collection Pack with 25€ discount! Use the code FOLEYBLACKFRIDAY in
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FC203 Olivetti Typewriter

November is here! We are finishing the year, and we want to get there full of great instruments! All my family always tell me how internet and computers have changed their life. All of them learned how to type on
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